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Mental disorders - Mental disorders are called mental because one or more important symptoms of the disorder are psychological. It does not mean that the cause is psychological. According to modern psychology a mental phenomenon is always caused by an organic process. Mental disorder are common. Despite this fact, many people don't talk freely about it. They keep it a secret. It seems that it is al right to tell your friends that your leg is broken. But when you experience psychological difficulties, some people hold you responsible for it. That's why many people are ashamed of it. They think that what they have is very rare. Nonetheless, half of the population have experienced a mental disorders at some point in their lives. And almost one third have experienced a mental disorder during the last year.

Mental disorders can be classified in several categories. Choose one below or use the alphabetic list on the right.


mental disorders
in alphabetic order

Eating disorders
Psychotic disorders
Anxiety disorders
Sexual disorders
Sleeping disorders
Personality disorders
Disorders of old age
Mood disorders