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Psychologie online is a site for everybody who wants to know more about psychology. Click here to switch to the dutch version. You can navigate through the site by using the buttons shown above (home, care, etc.). The pages associated with the buttons above contain the following information:

Psychologists or students from outside The Netherlands
If you are a psychologist or student from outside The Netherlands and you want more information about working or studying psychology in the Netherlands, please visit the english part of the website of the NIP here.

Care. Sometimes people can not handle their problems on their own and need health care. Where can they find help?

IQ is a widely accepted measure of intelligence. What does it mean when you score 90 or 130 on an IQ-test? Also links to other sites containing IQ-tests.

Personality is being assessed by psychologists, too. Also, popular magazines pay attention to this topic a lot. What is meant by personality and how can we measure it?

Disorders. Some people can act strangely. Sometimes behavior becomes so strange we attribute it to a mental disorder. We provide a summary of the most prevalent mental disorders.

Illusions. We think we know how our brain works. We trust what we see. Nonetheless, our brain can deceive us. See it yourself and take a look at our optical illusions pages.

Hall of Fame. Some famous psychologists and other people who have contributed greatly to the field of psychology.

Quiz. Test your knowledge of the field of psychology.

Forum. You can discuss here about topics that are related to psychology (e.g. study, problems, research).

Links. Psychology related websites.

Contact. Psychologie online wants to keep improving this website. Comments, questions and critical remarks are very much appreciated. You can email us or use our contact-form.



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